C O N T E N T   W A R N I N G

The following broadcast may be disturbing for some listeners and comes with the following content warnings:

Explicit language, augmented and AI voices, audio panning, loud noises, high pitched sounds, corporate dystopia, esoteric bullshitting, manipulation, intrusive thoughts, isolation, mental illness, medical side effects, derealization, insomnia, extreme nightmares, creature noises, gladiatorial combat, references to semen and cannibalism, sounds of gore, sounds of struggle and injury, body horror, screaming, medical treatment/self-medication, violence, gunshots, vehicle crash, biting and chewing of living people, disregard for human life, death, homicide, implied human sacrifice, drowning, live burial, suffocation, mentions and depictions of suicide, depiction of a child in peril, and mass murder.

Listener discretion is advised


K I L L FM Psychic Friends Telethon by The KILL FM Team

Welcome to the KILL FM Charity Telethon! We're here with Madame Isabella Fortune to read your tarot cards and tell you your future!

[Connective script between guest segments]

Featuring: Derrick Valen as the Announcer, Saph the Something as Madame Isabella Fortune, Stella "Rowan" Odom as Charity Rep 1, Jess Berson as Charity Rep 2 and Grandma, Gavin as Kid, and Clay Clark as Voice

Written by Saph the Something and produced by Joseph Rutledge 

Three-Card Monte by October's Children

Traveler of Stones reversed - The Precipice reversed - Nine of Knives.

Featuring: Jon Kava as Murray Rosenthal, Joseph Rutledge as Lloyd Dobs, Liz Moss as Dr.
Cynthia Morgenstern, Derrick Valen as Dr. Castellanos, Jessica Berson as Janice, and Adam Robinson as Corporal Matthews

Written by Jacob Mandell with direction and editing by Jacob Mandell and Derrick Valen

Self Sabotage by The Night Post

Ace of Cups - King of Wands

Written, performed, and produced by Rae Lundberg

Pic Mint by Project Gnosis

Wheel of Fortune - King of Cups

Featuring: Cassandra Boh as Min and Fei, Kevin Urban as Vincent and Finn

Written and edited by Matthew Curran of MQ Media

Two Reversed Swords by 19 Nocturne Boulevard

The Star - Temperance - The Tower

Featuring: Jess McCoy, Scott R McKinley, Julie Hoverson, Karim Kronfli, Steve Te Tai, Risa Torres, Maria Damianou, Galen Arnet, Pete Lutz, Yami Kakyuu, Sivan Raz, Sister Indica, Steve Guy, Andrea Richardson, Jimmy Robbins, Crystal Robbins, Vixie Robbins, Barry Haworth, Sam McDonald, Jordan Anderson, Liv Manning, and Glenda Villamar

Written by Julie Hoverson with additional material by Jess McCoy

A Man of Action by The Love Talker

Son of Swords - Seven of Swords displaced

Written, produced, and performed by W Keith Tims

DeepDream by Syntax

Three of Wands - Six of Arrows

Featuring: Jessica Berson as DeepDream, Marvin Sohl as Salesperson, Elgin Smith as Dreamer, David “Mr. Iron” Turvaville as Parent, Joe Cliff Thompson as Nobody, Stella “Rowan” Odom as Friend, and Kaila Crockett as Coworker

Written by Ty Von, with direction and production by Stella "Rowan" Odom

Crossroads and Fools by Morbid Forest

Seven of Wands - The Fool

Written, produced, and performed by Naomi Richards and Shawn Moreau

Vice of Ambition by The Serpent Under My Skin

Daughter of Wands

Featuring: Lawrence Monisit as The Serpent, Vixal Plane as Clipboard Woman, and additional voices provided by Alexander Grace

Written by Minty Lee and Vixal Plane, directed by Minty Lee, and sound design by Meg McKeller

Ear Worm by The Storage Papers

Nine of Wands - The Tower

Written, produced, and performed by Nathan Lunsford