C O N T E N T   W A R N I N G

The following broadcast may be disturbing for some listeners and comes with the following content warnings:

explicit language, otherworldly whispers, unreality, cult behaviors and rituals, sounds of choking and gagging, body horror, mention of drug use and addiction, being held captive, discussion and depiction of violence, gun violence, and a home raid, mention of terrorism and bombing, police violence and propaganda, talk of cannibalism, discussion of drowning, discussion of suicide, death, and child death.

Listener discretion is advised


K I L L NEWS sponsored by Wireland Ranch

Where we tell you what happened to Reynold's Curiosities.

[Connective script between other segments]

Featuring: Joseph Rutledge, Justin Hellstrom, Agent Molder, and Ester Ellis.

Written and produced by Joseph Rutledge 

We Interrupt this Broadcast sponsored by The Moon Crown

Where we interrupt this broadcast. (K N O C K)

Featuring: Agent Molder, S. O'Halloran, Fynn Lee Stimpson (fynn-leestimpson@hotmail.com,) Saph the Something (@SomethingSaph,) Maddie Giroaurd (@Madd_VO,) Survival of the Artist (@ArtistSurvival,) Mr. Iron (@MrIronVO,) Clay Clark (@UnjustGuardian,) Kimberly Billinton (@kimka_b.)

Written and produced by Agent Molder

Vocal Chords sponsored by Echoes (in) Between

Where we tell you how they make guitars.

Featuring: Jess Berson and Bronson M

Written by Jess Berson

Sound design and production by Bronson M

The Thing in the Throat of Elliot James sponsored by The Supernatural Protection Company

Where we tell you about a thing growing in the throat of Elliot James

Featuring: Saph the Something and Joseph Rutledge

Written and performed by Saph the Something

Sound design and unpleasant throat noises by Joseph Rutledge

The Rookie sponsored by The Liminal Lands

Where we meet with a peacekeeper.

Featuring: Clay Clark and Waymon Alexander

Written and produced by Waymon Alexander

Performed by Clay Clark

Additional music by Joseph Rutledge

One Hell of a Car sponsored by Desert Skies

Where we finally tell you the canonical descriptions of Desert Skies charcters.

Featuring: Jared Carter

Written, produced, and performed by Jared Carter

I Dare You sponsored by The Madness of Chartrulean and The Book of Constellations

Where we tell you about a man who once made a dare.

Featuring: W. Keith Tims

Written and Produced by H M Radcliff

Music by Aud Andrews