C O N T E N T   W A R N I N G

The following broadcast may be disturbing for some listeners and comes with the following content warnings:

Spookiness, name calling and bullying, explicit language, audio distortion, layered voices, loud and sudden noises, otherworldly sounds, heavy breathing, biblical references, existential dread, extreme weather, climate change, environmental destruction, looming dread and despair, distant screams, cosmic horror, apocalyptic scenarios, manipulation/hypnotism, food scarcity, mentions of starvation, scopophobia, thalassophobia, nyctophobia, mentions of blood, description and depiction of violence, reference to murder and death, implied child death, car accidents, insanity, imprisonment, non-consensual drugging, non-consensual medical procedures, and total destruction of the earth.

Content warnings as they relate to each segment are listed below.
Listener discretion is advised.


Rider on the Storm by Wireland Ranch and Regina Prime

Featuring: Nathan Lunsford as Driver, Jessica Berson as Rider, and Joseph Rutledge as Radio Announcer

Concept by Joseph Rutledge and Jessica Berson, Written by Jessica Berson, Editing and Sound Design by Joseph Rutledge

Album cover created by Jessica Berson and Joseph Rutledge

Credits read by Josh Burgess

Content Warnings: Car accidents, death, mentions of blood, environmental destruction, climate change, apocalyptic scenarios, mentions of starvation, total destruction of the earth

Here Comes the Rain Again by October's Children and The Supernatural Protection Company

Featuring: Saph the Something as Driver, Derrick Valen as Passenger, Rowan Odom as Partner

The Throng voices provided by Derrick Valen, Joseph Rutledge, Josh Burgess, Marvin Sohl, Jess McCoy, M. Molder, Devyn Boer, Pelle Frid, Minty Lee, Lou Sucliffe, and Clay Clark

Background television sitcom performed by Tim Alexander and Liz Moss

Written by Derrick Valen, with sound design by Derrick Valen and Saph the Something

Album cover created by Saph the Something

Content Warnings: Sudden noise (car horn, abrupt scene changes), explicit language, looming dread and despair, distant screams, layered voices, audio distortion, otherworldly sounds

Signal Intrusion Three by The Moon Crown

Prompt: Tidal Wave

Featuring: Nikki Onto as Tidal Wave, Saph the Something as Lunar Base 308 Operator 1/Pepperjack, Rowan Odom as Mechanic 1, Joe Cliff Thompson as Oscar, JustJenahHere as Danny, Ty Von as Mechanic 2, Leo B. Moss as Lunar Base (Couder) Operator, and M. Molder as Lunar Base 308 Operator 2 and Cupiditas

Written, directed, and produced by M. Molder

Album cover created by M. Molder

Content Warnings: Heavy breathing, scopophobia, manipulation/hypnotism, explicit language, loud sounds, thalassophobia, nyctophobia

Cloud Variations by The Love Talker

Prompt: Variations on a Cloud

Written, produced, and performed by W. Keith Tims

Album cover created by W. Keith Tims

Content Warnings: Imprisonment, non-consensual medical procedures, reference to murder & blood

Dark Rain by The Liminal Lands

Prompt: Shelter From the Storm

Written, produced, and performed by Waymon Alexander and Clay Clark

Album cover created by Joseph Rutledge

Content Warnings: Name calling and bullying, mentions of blood, violence, insanity, non-consensual drugging

Fire and Rain by Desert Skies

Written, Produced, and Performed by Jared Carter

Album cover created by Jared Carter

Content Warnings: Spookiness, descriptions of violence, implied child death

Doomsday Doritos by Packhowl

Prompt: Who'll Stop the Rain

Featuring: B. Narr as Sky, Aud Andrews as Diggory/Uriel, Maria Morror as Reporter Beth, and Magnus Carlssen as Reporter Bob

Written, directed, and sound designed by H. M. Radcliff

Featuring vocal performances by Aud Andrews "Crooked Man Instrumental" by Wicked Cinema courtesy of Soundstripe and "Particle Emission" by Silver Maple, courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Album cover created by H. M. Radcliff

Content Warnings: Extreme weather, food scarcity, cosmic horror, layered voices, existential dread, biblical references