C O N T E N T   W A R N I N G

The following broadcast may be disturbing for some listeners and comes with the following content warnings:

Heavy themes and portrayal of Christianity-based religion, heavy themes and portrayal of prosperity gospel, portrayal of a tent revival sermon, passages from the bible, strong and explicit language, the sin of sloth, the sin of greed, the sin of envy, the sin of lust, the sin of gluttony, the sin of pride, the sin of wrath, blasphemy, public humiliation, corpo speak, police, corporate payoffs to local authorities, job loss, reference to nudity, chewing and mouth sounds, mysophobia and fear of uncleanliness, mob mentality, delusions, hallucinations, grief, loss, bereavement, many eyed entities, allusion to schizophrenia, monetary exploitation and manipulation, gender dysphoria, non-consensual body swapping, themes of anger and revenge, emotional abuse and manipulation, discussion of exorcism and demons, accusations of witchcraft, speaking in tongues, sexual allusions and innuendo, heavily implied masturbation, mention of sex work in a derogatory fashion, body horror, sounds of explosions, thunder, and lightning, insect noises, sound of wings flapping, sound of sirens, sound of tinnitus ringing, loud eldritch sound effects, allusion to bugs and corpse decomposition, depiction of victim blaming, references to child endangerment, perceived descent into madness, threats of and depiction of torture, harm to domestic cat, sounds of struggle, trauma and PTSD, themes and descriptions of war and warfare, stalking, abusive marriages, description of house fires, violence towards prisoners, sounds of gore and graphic violence, explicit death threats, depiction of gun violence, death, premeditated murder, sounds of chewing flesh and choking and vomiting, discussion of and allusion to necrophilia, suicidal ideation, depiction of self-harm, and self-cannibalism.

Content warnings as they relate to each segment are listed below.
Listener discretion is advised.


The Cheddar Bunny Consequence by Station 151

The Sin of Sloth

Featuring: Bear Weiter as INTERCOM VOICE 1, Steven James Scearce as INTERCOM VOICE 2, and John White as MAIN CHARACTER

Written by Bear Weiter and Steven James Scearce, produced by Bear Weiter and Pale Matter LLC, music and sound effects courtesy of Artlist.io

Content Warnings: the sin of sloth, explicit language, blasphemy, chewing sounds, mouth sounds, loud sounds (explosions, thunder and lightning)


The Sin of Greed

We invite you to our humble sermon - be sure to give plenty in the name of our Lord! [Connective script between participant segments]

Featuring: Waymon Alexander as Pastor, Nathan Lunsford as Mr. Dougherty, Derrick Valen as Altar Boy and Cop 1, Saph the Something as Cop 2, Jessica Berson as Mojave Logistics Representative, and John White as God's Voice

Bible verses read by Joseph Rutledge, Saph the Something, Derrick Valen, Pelle Frid, Jessica Berson, and Tatiana Gefter

Tongues provided by Rebecca Hansson, Lou Sucliffe, Steven James Scearce, and Waymon Alexander

Additional voices provided by Joseph Rutledge, Saph the Something, and Derrick Valen

Written by Joseph Rutledge, Derrick Valen, & Saph the Something, produced by Joseph Rutledge

Content Warnings: the sin of greed, strong and explicit language, passages from the bible, speaking in tongues, tent revival sermon, prosperity gospel, monetary exploitation and manipulation, public humiliation, job loss, mob mentality, accusations of witchcraft, sexual allusions, mention of sex work, allusion to masturbation, sound of gunshot, discussion of exorcism and demons, police, corpo speak, implied corporate payoffs to police

Envy by Hello From the Hallowoods

The Sin of Envy

Written, performed, and produced by William A. Wellman, with additional sound design by Derrick Valen

Content Warnings: the sin of envy, depiction of a house fire, caterpillars, body horror, body swapping, gender dysphoria, emotional abuse, stalking, death threats, abusive marriages, sfx: sirens, sfx: insect noises, sfx: wings flapping

Self-Serving by Ain't Slayed Nobody

The Sin of Gluttony

Featuring: Virginia Lee as Daphne, Danny Scott as TV Chef, Emma Onasch as Advertiser, Harlan Guthrie as Mittens, and Bob Danielson as Driver

Written by Graeme Patrick, editing/sound design/production by Corbin Cupp

Content Warnings: the sin of gluttony, body horror, self-cannibalism, death, delusions, explicit language, hallucination, harm to domestic cat, manipulation, self-harm, violence, sounds (chewing flesh, choking, gore, struggle, vomiting)

Pride by BE NOT AFRAID The Pantaloon Society

The Sin of Pride

Featuring: Rebecca Hansson as Enoch, Lou Sucliffe as Jonah, Sivan Raz as Lilith, Marvin Sohl as Sailor 1, and Drew Frohmann as Sailor 2

Written, edited, and produced by Rebecca Hansson & Tommy Holmberg, music by Lou Sutcliffe, beta read by Lou Sutcliffe & Hannah Levin

Content Warnings: the sin of pride, auditory hallucinations, perceived descent into madness, non-lethal choking, nudity, references to child endangerment, sexual innuendo, many eyed entities, manipulation, threats of torture, tinnitus ringing, loud eldritch sound effects

Basic Birch by Rapture 518

The Sin of Lust

Featuring: Josh Burgess, Jess McCoy, Nate Lodbrok, Michael D., and Sarah Penn

Written, directed, and produced by Sarah Penn

Content Warnings: the sin of lust, heavily implied masturbation, corpo speak, mysophobia and fear of uncleanliness, allusion to severe mental illness (schizophrenia and other), discussion of and allusion to necrophilia, allusion to bugs and corpse decomposition

Wrath by No Return

The Sin of Wrath

Featuring: W. Keith Tims as Wrath, Drew Frohmann as Padre, Marvin Sohl as Captor, Dontae Majors as Prisoner, and Kier Zhou as Whispers

Written, edited, and produced by Kier Zhou

Content Warnings: the sin of wrath, graphic violence, premeditated murder, death, violence towards prisoners, emotional abuse and manipulation, trauma and PTSD, grief, loss, bereavement, depiction of torture, suicidal ideation, strong language, blood and gore, themes and descriptions of war and warfare, religious content, gun violence, explicit death threats, victim blaming, themes of anger and revenge